Abu Garcia Ike Rod

The Abu Garcia Ike Rod Gen 1 has an iridescent color changing paintjob that shifts from purple to a blue green depending on how the light hits it. There are not very many rods like this on the market, so this gives it a trait that really no other has. Designed by professional BASS angler Mike Iaconelli, they were definitely […]

Abu Garcia Virtual

The Abu Garcia Virtual was the first to implement Bluetooth literally into the rod. One may wonder what exactly this Bluetooth ability would consist of. Playing music? Taking a phone call? What good could Bluetooth technology serve while fishing? Quite simply, it tracks your position and has the ability to log your catches with the simple press of a button. […]

Abu Garcia Vendetta Gen 3

The Abu Garcia Vendetta Gen 3 is one of the few rods that have become a staple in many anglers’ arsenals. For those who wanted a more premium piece of equipment over the Max series, but not as expensive as the Veritas, this was the solution. With a price tag of $80 this allowed it to be within nearly everyone’s […]

Abu Garcia Veritas Gen 3

The Abu Garcia Veritas Gen 3 belongs to one of the most distinguishable line of rods in bass fishing. The black and white paintjob is enough to catch anyone’s eye, the performance for the price is what keeps them coming back. For $100 the Veritas has proven over time it is one of the best values for the money.   […]

Daiwa Fuego

The Daiwa Fuego is a very sleek looking rod. At first glance it may appear to be solid black from head to toe, with the exception of one small red anodized part, but once you get closer you will see the blank is actually a deep red color. All versions of this particular rod retail for $80.      Starting […]

13 Fishing Defy Black Gen 2

The 13 Fishing Defy Black Gen 2 is one of the stealthiest looking rods on the market while only costing a measly $60. The rod blank, guides, thread, it’s all black with the exception of the EVA foam which is a charcoal gray. Starting at the handle section of the rod and working our way down, we will go over […]

13 Fishing Origin A

The 13 Fishing Origin A is without a doubt one of the best reels under $100 that I have used throughout the years. It features a gloss black body, matte black tension knob, star drag and handle and has matte white grips that certainly makes it look sharp. It weighs 7.3 ounces which is fairly good considering the price tag […]

Abu Garcia Revo S Gen 4

The Abu Garcia Revo S Gen 4 is unmistakable with its signature black and white paintjob. It retails for $130 and is without a doubt worth every penny.  This iconic reel finally comes in more than one gear ratio as well. A 6.6:1 (27IPT) and a 7.3:1 (30IPT) is offered. It weighs 8 ounces and contains 9 total ball bearings: […]

KastKing Speed Demon

The KastKing Speed Demon is one interesting reel. Previously the only reel targeted towards bass fisherman that could achieve a gear ratio in the 9-10 range was the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket. KastKing emerged out of seemingly nowhere offering the Speed Demon for $70, nearly one quarter the price of the Revo Rocket.  Its 13-bearing system and its absolutely killer […]

13 Fishing Origin FB Blackout

The 13 Fishing Origin FB has been given the name “Blackout” for a reason. Physically every spot externally on the reel is matte black except for the worm gear and the line guide shaft. There are very few reels on the market with this characteristic which enables it to be matched with nearly any rod or line combination color wise. It […]