13 Fishing Origin FB Blackout

The 13 Fishing Origin FB has been given the name “Blackout” for a reason. Physically every spot externally on the reel is matte black except for the worm gear and the line guide shaft. There are very few reels on the market with this characteristic which enables it to be matched with nearly any rod or line combination color wise. It […]

13 Fishing Origin C

The 13 Fishing Origin C sure is an amazing reel for only costing $100. Its 7 bearing system (2 high spin, 4 stainless steel, 1 roller) makes this reel feel like it’s in a much higher price range. The Origin C weighs 7.3 ounces and comes in two gear ratios; 6.6:1 (27.8 IPT) and 8.1:1 (34 IPT). It also comes […]

Abu Garcia Revo SX Gen 4

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Gen 4 is an eye catcher to say the least. A matte black frame, gloss black sideplates and anodized red accents make this one of the most distinguishable reels in the industry. Clocking in at $160 this makes it an affordable option for those craving a reel on the slightly higher end without breaking the […]

Abu Garcia Zata

The Abu Garcia Zata sure has a unique quality to it, the paintjob. Sporting a matte green color, it may honestly be enough to deter someone who already has an arsenal full of dark colored equipment or classic cork, but do not let it fool you. Coming in around the $175 price range it sure has some impressive specs for […]

13 Fishing Concept C2

The 13 Fishing Concept C2 has a dazzling bright white pearlized paintjob. Accompanying this, the reel possesses contrasting black accents and components to give it a truly unique appearance. Costing $230, it is one of 13 Fishing’s mid priced reels but it’s still a considerable chunk of money in terms of the endless options of equipment out there. Weighing only […]