Bass Fishing Addictions

About Me

Name: Colten Gordon 

Location: Minnesota

Degree: B.A. in Criminal Justice

Hobbies: Bass Fishing, Turkey and Deer Hunting, Tech (PC stuff), Gaming, Everything Automotive


     When I was younger, my dad and I gradually began targeting bass because they offered more sport; more fun than simply fishing for panfish or other species in my opinion. Eventually, my dad signed me up for a youth bass fishing club called “Bassinators.” At 12 years old, I was honestly terrified. Who wants to fish with a stranger at that age? Regardless, I attended our first event in Wisconsin before bass season officially opened in Minnesota and it was not what I had expected. It was actually fun. Everyone there just wanted to catch some fish, it was not competitive in the slightest. I ended up staying with the group for the next five years and learned a great deal as I progressed as an angler. During those five years I managed to scrounge up a few trophies:

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- 2011 Big Bass at the MN BASS Federation Junior Tournament of Champions on Lake Minnetonka

- 2011 Big Bass on Lake Sylvia (Club event)

- 2012 1st Place on the Mississippi River (Club event)

- 2012 4th Place at the MN BASS Federation Junior Tournament of Champions on Lake Sylvia

- 2013 4th Place at the MN BASS Federation Junior Tournament of Champions on Lake Waconia


     As I grew older, I figured I would join another club and continue fishing as an adult. The first club to gain a new member was certainly not what was expected. I ended up quitting out and joining another. Even though these guys were a lot more friendly, the consistent boat failures from mechanical to user error, again pushed me away. I figured I was just going to do my own thing from then on out.


     I decided I wanted to put that extra effort into filming my fishing adventures and reel painting. With videos of my trips I would never have to explain to someone how "cool" something was that happened while out fishing, I could just show them. While still learning the basics of video taping, I quickly learned two things can absolutely wreck any footage no matter how good the content is: wind and shakiness...which much of my early footage was plagued with. I still have much to learn but you have to start somewhere.


     In regards to reel painting it was also a journey of trial and error. At first I simply wanted to blackout a reel but soon found it to be too...boring. It needed some color, some designs. I quickly discovered airbrushing and hydro dipping which each have their pros and cons, but the possibilities with them are endless.


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