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The Abu Garcia Veritas Gen 3

belongs to one of the most distinguishable line of rods in bass fishing. The black and white paintjob is enough to catch anyone’s eye, the performance for the price is what keeps them coming back. For $100 the Veritas has proven over time it is one of the best values for the money.


     Starting at the handle we have a fairly slim butt section which has two flat spots and holes cutout of the EVA foam. The flat sections improve comfort while the holes provide slight weight reduction and add visual appeal. Moving slightly up, we have something that nobody has really ever done before, put the nut to tighten your reel below the reel seat. Some may have done it but have never implemented it in such a uniform way. It is physically connected to the EVA grip underneath it, so there are no gaps or threads showing but at the same time is able to be unscrewed from it entirely. The nut is also their micro click design which helps keep it from loosening over time. 


     We are also probably looking at one of the most seamless transitions from a foregrip to the rod blank we have ever seen. Both the foregrip and the trigger possess a light coating of a rubber material which makes them very soft and comfortable to the touch. For the anglers like myself who rest their index finger on the foregrip, this is without a doubt one of the best feeling ones you will ever run into. It is one of the main reasons why I like this rod so much. 

      Moving up the rod, we have undoubtably one of the weirdest hook keepers Abu Garcia could have possibly created (in my opinion). It is just a wire wrapped to the blank but the end of the wire is loose and simply curled over. This does two things that aren’t exactly optimal. First, because it’s much taller than normal, this leaves more opportunity for it to catch on something thus breaking the epoxy and possibly damaging the blank. Second, being that it’s wrapped on one end and touching the blank on the other end, it is creating a closed loop which makes it so when using soft plastics you will need to unhook your bait to a degree to get the hook point through the wire. Constantly doing this will prematurely wear your bait out and inevitably cost you time and money in the long run. 

     The blank material has remained the same over the different generations of the Veritas, a 30 ton graphite is the basis for all of them with “sublayer armor.” For those who do not really understand tonnage ratings, simply put, the larger the tonnage number, the stiffer the graphite becomes which means more intense vibrations will reach your hand. Being as though these fibers are stiffer, that also means less resin or epoxy is needed to essentially hold it together so, theoretically it should be lighter overall. There is one downfall though, it also becomes more brittle. 30 ton graphite is around mid tier so having it on rods priced from around $80 to $140 is fairly common. They also feature hybrid micro guides which aren’t as small as actual micro guides and aren’t as large as regular guides. This helps to control the line better and increase sensitivity which means you’ll feel fish easier and catch more. The guide frame is made out of titanium alloy and the inserts are zirconium which both are better compared to what other rods in this price range may have.

     I own a few different models of this generation Veritas, to keep it simple we’ll look at the 7’1″ and 7’3″ Medium Heavy Fast rods. The 7’1″ weighs 5.6 ounces and the 7’3″ weighs 5.8 ounces. Those numbers certainly seem a little large, even against a second generation Veritas 7′ MH Fast which only weighs 4.9 ounces. Being as though they put hybrid micro guides on the newer models it’s a little interesting they weigh nearly a whole ounce more. They must have really beefed up the internals. 


     Now what do I like about this rod? Overall, I think it is unbelievable for the price point. One of Abu Garcia’s biggest strengths to their rods and equipment in general is giving you the best bang for your buck.  Many people discredit the Veritas and regard it as junk and some of the same people who make those claims, I have seen the way they treat their equipment. I have nine total variants of the Veritas and without a doubt, they are my favorite rod. Yes, some design changes over the years have pained me to watch (large metal reel nut on gen 2 and the hook keeper on gen 3) but those are outweighed tremendously by the performance. 


BFA’s score: 10/10. The hook keeper is a pain, but it isn’t really enough to drop a whole point or a partial point. Amazing rod, especially if you can get it for under $100. 


Check out the Veritas here:

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