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The 13 Fishing Origin C

sure is an amazing reel for only costing $100. Its 7 bearing system (2 high spin, 4 stainless steel, 1 roller) makes this reel feel like it’s in a much higher price range. The Origin C weighs 7.3 ounces and comes in two gear ratios; 6.6:1 (27.8 IPT) and 8.1:1 (34 IPT). It is also equipped with an 18lb drag able to pull any fish out of cover with ease.


      This reel features a 7 adjustment centrifugal braking system on the spool. Yes, it is only 7 adjustments, but I can honestly say it is better than a lot of other manufacturers braking systems which can have infinitely many more settings. Accessing these brakes are incredibly easy as well as adjustment. There is a small lever on the bottom of the reel that you simply flip to open and the sideplate falls straight off. After doing so, located on the spool is our centrifugal brakes labeled 0-6. 0 has the least braking power and 6 has the most with 2-3 being the sweet spot that offers the best casting to control. To adjust, grab the outside area of the dial and turn it, a little white dot at the top will indicate your brake setting. One potential issue is that the sideplate does not possess the bettlewing design that the more expensive Concept reels have. This will really only be a problem if you lose your grip on the sideplate though, so make sure to hold onto it tight or limit the number of times you switch up your presentation/lure.

     In terms of the performance, the Origin C is better than what you would expect from a $100 reel and then some. After owning this reel since 2017 without cleaning it once, the bearings and gears do not show any signs of grittiness or noise which is actually pretty incredible. I have used this reel nearly every time I have been out and it has pulled plenty of bass out of hiding with ease; no drag slip, no clunkiness, just perfection. With that being said, I’m fairly impressed by how well it performs even to this day.


     Without a doubt the only flaw with this reel is the matte white paintjob, primarily when used with braid or dirty water fishing. I live in an area where the water visibility frequently remains below 3 feet so monofilament/fluorocarbon isn’t really needed. If you use braid, you will know that the dye eventually wears off whether it’s on your hands, in the water…. or in this case, stuck all over the matte paint. Fishing in dirty water will have the same effect. After using this reel since the day it came out years ago, it has grown to be one of my favorites in regards of price to performance, but it has also become incredibly dirty…. it’s almost on the verge of being called gray. So, with that being said, if you wish to use this reel with braid, you better scrub it after each outing or simply use mono/fluoro with it otherwise the finish may become stained. Luckily, using a simple brush and some soap was enough to be able to scrub all of the discoloration off and to get it back to the original color. Before you scrub your reel though make sure the cleaner you use is compatible with paint, so you don’t permanently wreck it. Also worth noting but this is the only reel I have ever acquired “boat rash” on but being as though it’s fairly cheap, it’s not that troubling. 


BFA’s Score: 9/10. I would definitely buy it again for the price, but braid will come nowhere near this reel in the future. 


Check out the Origin C here:

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