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The Abu Garcia Revo SX Gen 4

is an eye catcher to say the least. A matte black frame, gloss black sideplates and anodized red accents make this one of the most distinguishable reels in the industry. Clocking in at $160 this makes it an affordable option for those craving a reel on the slightly higher end without breaking the bank. The 7.8 ounce workhorse features 10 ball bearings; 9 stainless steel and 1 roller. To go along with this, we have a carbon matrix drag to bring in an impressive 24lbs of pulling force to rip fish out of cover. Spool wise we can fit up to 140 yards of 30lb braid. The Revo SX comes in two separate gear ratios to give it a little flexibility; a 6.6:1 (27IPT) and a 7.3:1 (30IPT). 


     The braking system is a combination of both centrifugal pins and a magnetic dial. To access the pins there is a small level on the bottom of the reel which is conveniently labeled “open” with an arrow. Simply flip it to open and the sideplate will fall straight off. Similar to other reels, it does not have a mechanism to hold it on so be careful. After we take the sideplate off there are 6 pins on the side of the spool that we can adjust. The magnetic brake is located on the outside of the sideplate which consist of 28 different positions. Between the magnetic brakes and the pins, this reel will allow you to throw your lure with ease in any condition. 

     In regard to the performance of this reel, it is generally what you would expect for the $150 range. No signs of grittiness and the spin time on the spool is fairly decent. After two seasons without any cleanings, it still feels and sounds similar to the day it was bought which easily tells you how quality the bearings are and that they most likely over grease/oil these guys from the factory. How does it compare to other reels? In my personal opinion I would rank it at a slightly higher level than the Revo S (to be expected since the SX is the more expensive version), but considerably lower than the Zata. As a result, I believe in the future I would probably go for the cheaper Revo S or dish out a few more dollars for the Zata. There is one major plus to the reel though, its killer looks which may reel in the fishermen just as it does fish. 


BFA’s score: 9/10. For the price, I believe there may be slightly better options out there… but, then again you can never go wrong with a Revo or an Abu Garcia product. It has performed flawlessly over the years. 


Check out the Revo SX here:

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